Five Genres of Popular Music

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Throughout the course of history, it has been recorded that one of the greatest inventions of the human kind is music. Music can be found in almost all facets of an individual’s life. It could be found in almost all cultures in the world, it could be found in the modern technology like the internet and television, it could be heard even in the darkest corners of the world. Meaning, humans have always been fond of listening to music no matter what genre it is.  

In the last century, most of the important genres of popular music that we enjoy nowadays come from the United States. Popular music is a production of the combination of the musical traditions of the African and European musical canons.  

Listed in this article are the different genres under popular music. Enjoy! 

  1. Blues 

During the 18th and 19th centuries, millions of Africans have been transported to America to become slaves. This means that the melodies and rhythms of their culture has been brought together with them as well. Even at the end of slavery in the year 1856, African music has been preserved because of the songs they sing while working. Blues is the truest manifestation of the combining of African and Western musical traditions. Most blues songs narrate stories of heartbreaks and are often slow and sad. However, apart from these narratives, fun and upbeat songs were also considered blues.  

  1. Jazz 

African musicians limitedly played blues, however, some of them opt to play classical music as well under the lens of European music. Jazz was born with the mixture of European harmony and the scales and rhythms of blues. Louis Armstrong was one of the most influential jazz musical of all times. Big band jazz and swing developed in the city of New York where the genre is very much popular and new styles were continuously brewing.  

  1. Rhythm and Blues 

In the height of jazz’s popularity in the 30s and 40s, another genre has started to develop. Many African American musicians have been playing blues music as a living, however, making money wasn’t that easy. Thus, these musicians had to go to pubs and bars to play their music. However, most of the young generation that time thinks that blues was old-fashioned, thus, another genre called rhythm and blues (R&B) was born. R&B was usually loud and lively and most singers were men and women with big loud voices and most listeners love it.  

  1. Rock and Roll 

Rock and roll has been created during the early 50s. This genre is a combination of R&B and Western swing. Same instruments as R&B is played in rock’n’roll music however, the melodies were somehow related to that of the country music.  This particular genre was fun to listen to and most of the younger generation during that time were very much fond of listening to it.  

  1. The 60s 

During these times, a number of genre have continuously dominated the music industry. There was Rock Music, the combination of the elements of R&B and rock and roll. Country music has also emerged in that particular decade, as well as Soul Music.  Nowadays, Dance Music, Hip Hop and other pop music has continuously topped the charts on the music industry and a lot of new styles have also been strongly emerging.  

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