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Greatest Singers of Hollywood in the 2010s

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Every single soul on earth has a thirst that could be quenched by music. Nobody can deny the kind of influence that the music industry has given the society since time immemorial. Music, especially those that have sweet melodic voices, are very much irresistible to the ears. Most of the new generation of singers and musicians have dominated the charts of the music industry and a lot of people all around the world gets a chance to listen to them because of platforms present in the internet such as YouTube, Spotify and the likes.  

Listed on this article are some of the popular singers of the 2010s. Most of these singers have their singles on top of the musical charts in the past five years and every single millennial know a song or two that comes from these artists written below. Read on! 

  1. Bruno Mars 

One of Hollywood’s best celebrated singer, Bruno Mars, is also an exceptional choreographer and producer. He is considered one of the youngest popstars in the current American industry of music. His songs like ‘When I was Your Man’ and ‘Just the Way You Are’ are only some of his all-time hits.   

  1. Chris Brown 

Chris Brown’s outstanding melodious voice as well as his precise skills in music is the thing that made the artist rule in the world of music. He is simultaneously an actor and could do some amazing dance moves but above all else, Chris Brown’s talent in singing has been considered golden.  

  1. Lady Gaga 

Lady Gaga, or Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta in real life, has been celebrated as one of the marvelous pop artist of her generation. Her sweet voice and stunning fashion sense have always been loved by millions of her fans and because she has an amazing art of singing, she has been dubbed as ‘Mother Monster’ by fans. Songs like ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Applause’ are some of her chart-topping hits.  

  1. Justin Bieber 

One of the youngest singer of his generation, Canadian singer Justin Bieber started his career on the video-sharing platform YouTube in 2008 and started his long and winding journey since then. His song ‘Baby’ was once the most viewed video on YouTube with over billions of fans all over the world.  

  1. Beyonce 

Of course, who wouldn’t recognize ‘Queen B’? Beyonce Knowles has been very much popular as a singer even when she was just starting to sing in a girl group called ‘Destiny’s Child’. Songs such as ‘Crazy in Love’, ‘Halo’ and ‘If I were a Boy’ are just some of her chart-topping hits that is still continuously listened to even up to now.  

  1. Adele 

British singer Adele has been celebrated for exceptional and strong voice quality and won the hearts of billions of people worldwide. Her latest songs ‘Hello’, ‘All I Ask’ and ‘When We Were Young’ are the reasons why she won the Best Album award in the recently concluded Grammy Awards, a prestigious award-giving body in the field of music.  

Every year, Hollywood has been producing a number of exceptional singers that paved their ways in changing the music that we listen to. However, this changes that continuously happen in the music scene should be celebrated rather than regretted because this only proves that music is dynamic and ever-changing. 

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