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What the Music Industry Has Become

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Recorded music industry have been very much popular over the years producing good and quality music that consumers enjoy today. Because of the rise of technology, many of these companies have adhered to these changes and incorporated the latest technology to produce music that will be consumed by the popular listeners. However, these very technologies that originally helped them paved their way to success are the same technologies that have been producing a number of reasons why they would, at some point, come to an end.  

Recorded music has been an impressive facet for business and remained on top because of the newest technology that has always been emerging since time immemorial. From cassette tapes to compact discs, the recording industry has continuously rise to greater heights because of the technological breakthroughs that these businesses integrate their products with. However, over the past years, the technologies that have been very helpful to them are now the main reasons of their downfall. Here’s why:  

  1. The rising of MTV 

In the 80s, recorded music has been very strong that a lot of musicians and singers remained as such just to earn a living. These recorded songs were ran by major record labels and were responsible for finding artists, manufacturing the products on their respective plants and distribute to record stores as well as promotions and advertising. However, when the cable TV network called MTV have dominated televisions in the US, a change of promoting music has transpired. Consumers couldn’t get enough of watching videos on their favorite artists and when Compact Discs (CD) were introduced, more and more listeners have been lured to buy records because of MTV.  All of the money invested in the video production has been centered in MTV and it began to change the way of business in the music industry leaving music recording labels behind.  

  1. The Rise of MP3 

Because of this unfortunate event, music record labels vowed to never to do the same mistake again, only to find out that there are a lot more wrong moves that the industry has done in the following years. Because of the rise MP3s, which by the way ignored by these labels because they were busy making more money, a lot of their consumers have gradually paved its way to the exit. Because MP3s are cheaper, most listeners bought the catch. Digital music websites such as and Napster rose and become prominent in the field. Instead of embracing the industry, major labels sued Napster and other related websites because of “stealing” which never really stopped the problem.  

  1. And then there was YouTube 

This video-sharing website and platform has rose to prominence in the 2006 when Google bough it. Fast forward in 2014, where the website quadrupled its revenue on ads, the video sharing platform became the leading music industry traffic.  

Technology is a good investment especially in music. However, because it is continuously changing and more and more people are actually creating something new out of the old, it could be a danger to invest in such. 

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